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Title : Power of Word

Details : Werner Erhard said something on this. want to know? pls. email at

Title : Empowerment

Details : Enrollment empowers you along with others. So, cause enrollment everywhere.

Title : The next phase of 2020 starts

Details : Dhiru Bhai Ambani once shared that the secret of his success that he never sits on his success. the moment he achieves one Goal. He gets ready for the next. similarly now we need to gear up for leading the nations from the front in next 10 years. and also that we take care of our backward people and areas, who couldnot match with the development race.

Title : Restoring integrity

Details : Sorry for not updating you for last many weeks. will start doing that again

Title : Indian PM is the most veteran and respected Leader among all top 20 countries

Details : With the age of 78 years, and having the background of economics, soft spoken but firm in nature has the power of being respected by one and all.