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" Mining Engineer, Strategist, Corporate Trainer, CEO Coach, OD specialist, Transformational Management Consultant, Entrepreneur and Author "

With 26 years of Work Experience


Fountainhead is committed to its vision of developing people as individuals, teams and organizations. We specialize in the development of tailor-made training solutions and offer an impressive list of courses, which develop methods, tools, and strategies to create smarter, more adaptive organizations. We also provide Strategic, Financial and Management Consultancy for exponential growth of the organization.

Market and Industry Environment Our company is basically a social enterprise with a very strong focus on Mission Developed India and Transformed Planet.

“Mission Developed India” and ‘Transformed Planet’

  • 1) Educational Transformation :- By imparting ‘Transformational Thinking/ working” to the key people and by including “Transformational life skills”( www.tsbindia.in ) as a part of curriculum available in the book “you are a born winner”( www.amazon.in/dp/1948372657 )
  • 2) Corporate Transformation ( www.hrscore.in ):- Thru’ right and comprehensive “organizational appraisal system” available at www.hrscore.in for objective assessment and subsequent onlinementoring with the help of videos and book.
  • 3) Effective Governance:- To be the preferred Trainer and consultant to Govt. organization for accomplishing its Goals for Making India a developed country and in supporting the planet to be a Transformed and functional to all. “ Training legislatures (MLAs/MPs), judiciary, Media and 50000 civil services officers are the key to this strategy. They can use the portal ( www.hrscore.in ) for their self appraisal and organizational appraisal.

Our Mission

“To empower people and organizations to significantly increase their performance capability and effectiveness, guided by people focused principles and values that contribute to the growth of both individuals and organizations.”
Our background in Employment, Training, Strategy, Marketing, Mining and Human Resource Management , coupled with our broad based, practical experience in industry, enables our organization to design and present high impact, effective, and cost efficient organizational, staffing, training and Consultancy solutions.

Fountainhead is ready to expand in every state, territory and throughout the globe and has started establishing the franchise branches in India.

We provide the quality Training and consultancy to individuals and organizations to increase their productivity and effectiveness by applying the latest wisdom and Technology in the field of Human Resource Development and Mineral Development.

Our Vision :
Our vision as a company is to provide Training and consultancy to fuel the economic growth of humanity through developing Human Capital and unlocking of Human Resources and also provide consultancy for mineral development by using latest technology. And in this way to create a huge profitability for stake holders and be an inspiration for others.

Our Aim :
Our aim is to achieve the No.1 or No. 2 Position in Human resource Development .

About Mr. Navin K. Choudhary

Mr. Navin K. Choudhary is a first class Engineer and Masters in Global Strategy Management. He is an attitudinal Trainer by choice and has received extensive professional training under some of the best and most authoritative behavioral trainers in the world. In his 23 years of work- experience with one of the best company of India (Tata Steel) and world no. 1 in Cement (Lafarge), he has worked in almost all functions of the organization. For last 23 years, He has trained and inspired over 10000 individuals all across globe through intense and very powerful workshops on various aspects of personal and professional growth. Over the years, his training programmes, conducted in English and Hindi have become very popular and are synonymous with growth and excellence with all the organizations and individuals he has been associated with.

This are the 3 principals of Transformation which alters the consciousness and the reality in the world.

  • every human being is perfect, whole and complete . They may have barriers in experiencing and expressing it. That's why our book name is " You are a born winner" that means each one of us.
  • Acceptance causes disappearance ( which we accept even though we may not agree, that problem disappears) that is what Gandhiji did. He accepted britishers even though he was not in agreement with them and Britishers couldnot find any method to fight this weapon and they had to leave.
  • Resistance causes persistence ( To solve the problem we will stop resisting it). The problem feeds and grows on our resistance. That is what we do during our workshop or thru book learning, that is to reduce the resistance for the problem. That actually helps us to focus on effective actions rather than creating just another problem. also, we talk about being. if we can alter the being of a person, the consciousness shifts which actually makes the long lasting impact on planet as we saw it in this video.