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Fountainhead Incubation Centre


It is an endeavour to solve the socio economic problems like Poverty, inequality and unemployment, by giving Entrepreneurship Development Training. It’s by product is also to make the institution more responsive to the needs of society and to enhance its capability to directly and effectively intervene in the Nation Building Process. The “Mentor Development Programme” is such that it enhances the capacity of participating institute and they can become a very powerful source of life guidance and career guidance to the students and people in general besides being a powerful guide for Business Building. Operational Module:

  • Step I: The university appoints 12 persons for a 2 days course at the subsidized cost of INR 72000/-.
  • Step II: The University allots 12 Lakh for the “mentor development Programme and consultancy for the Incubation centre”.
  • Step III: After the completion of the workshop of Mentors’ aspirants, the Incubation centre can be inaugurated.
  • Step IV: same process is carried out with colleges and the non-refundable ‘Partnership fee” is divided 50:50 with the university and TSB.
  • Step V: The maximum students in a batch for 1st year is 12 in 6 months programme and the capacity can be doubled from 2nd year after the approval from the university and TSB.
  • Step VI: The university mentors and TSB will support them the colleges to maintain the quality of the programme.
  • Step VII: the university will pay the 5 percent of the billing to TSB for every student inside university and with affiliated colleges.
  • Step VIII: The students can review the programme at the half of the fee or assist the programme (free of cost).
  • Step IX: The course fee is INR 3 lakh but initially we can give 80 Percent scholarship and the cost can be 60000/ person.
  • Step X: If the students want to remain associated with the university and TSB for future support, they can give 3 percent of equity to the institution which will be equally divided between university, TSB and affiliated colleges, if any.
  • Step XI: the admission of the students are thru’ the various scrutiny process. One of that is his/ her optimism and Integrative and problem solving approach.
  • Step XII: mentors can become expert in career guidance, life guidance but will certainly be expected to become expert in Business Guidance.

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