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‘Declaring India a fully functional for all and Developed by 2022”

Balanced Life Approach


The nation is made up of people. If the people are living a balanced, Holistic and fully developed life, the country becomes a developed one. There are 12 points approaches to find out whether the people are living a balanced life or not. We can see that our urban India is as balanced/ unbalanced as our Rural India. Similarly, the world is also as balanced/ unbalanced as our country India. So, with this definition of “Being Balanced” playing a major role in declaring a country developed or not, will inspire every Human being and country to be “Balanced as well as be developed”.

So, the firsSo, the first step is to elevate ourselves in all the following areas and then taking this message to the world. In any case, we were the spiritual Teacher to the world. Today the world is looking towards us to guide the Humanity.

Happy to inform you that people can know their free human resource score by rating themselves on 30 criteria as mentioned under “self appraisal” of . and it can know its detailed hr report also.. This helps them in improving their effectiveness.

So, please rate yourself now and encircle 3 most important areas, where you want to improve and start taking action in that area.

“We have started an NGO called “Sai Empowerment Foundation” with 7 trustees Mrs. Bonani Nandi, Mr. Pashupatinath Thakur,  Mr. DharmendraNath Thakur, Mr. Sunil Bharkhada, Mr. Anil Mishra, Mr. Ratnesh Kumar Dutt-Verma and Mr. Navin Kumar Choudhary to spread the message of living a well balanced and holistic life. Further details can be seen at


Twelve areas of Life (please rate yourself at the scale of 1 to 10 every month) :

  • Blessings from parents/elders.
  • Relationship with spouse.
  • Children upbringing.
  • Money and wealth.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Career.
  • Creativity.
  • Fun/leisure/enjoyment.
  • Fame/Reputation.
  • Spirituality.
  • Ability to honour word.
  • Ability to appreciate self and others.

"Making “Making India a developed country by 2022”

A Possible Way …

Through self development and rural development

The First question comes, is it Possible? Actually that is the most important question, and the answer is inside the question itself, just we have to rearrange the question that becomes “It is Possible”. Similarly, in one way, our country is already a Developed Country, However, there are some barriers in experiencing and expressing it, and therefore the World doesn’t recognize it as Developed country. Whenever, we will recognize and rearrange our strength, we will find that our country becomes a Developed Country. Now the question comes, where is our country? The answer is that it resides in two most important places. The country is made up of its people. So, Development of every individual is one way of making our country Developed and Great. And secondly, our country lives in Village. So, the Development of Village, Rural Economy and infrastructure will cause Real India to be transformed as Developed Country.

So, there are certain Guidelines for Making India a Developed Country by year 2022.

Increase the Self- worth (It causes Abundance and Development) of each Person (because the person is making Country).

There are 7 ways of increasing one’s Self- worth.

  • Being Creative.
  • Supporting Others.
  • Doing Exercise and then Meditating.
  • Always focusing on Personal and Positive Verbal Affirmation.
  • Man experiencing womanhood (sensitive) inside and Woman experiencing manhood (Strength) in herself.
  • Identifying our in authenticity and inventing new possibilities.
  • Claiming the Strength, Core competency and Angel inside.

Action Plan: Attend 3.5 days Landmark Forum by Landmark education. Which trains people in “Anything that one wants is possible”? For more details, visit

Focusing on Rural India. :

There is a theory called “Critical Mass”. It says, to accomplish India as a Developed country, you need to transform only a certain population, after that it becomes a chain reaction and all the people and complete country becomes a Developed country. The Urban India has already started experiencing the Development, Rural India will also get. But if we directly focus the target (Rural India), our goal of making India a Developed Country will be accomplished sooner.

Action Plan:

Adopt a village and be the mentor of this village for making it the model village in all aspects. Education, Health, Employment and Poverty alleviation by increasing productivity and Coordinating.


12 Action Levers for “Mission Developed Nation 2022”

1) Media: To start at least 1 session/ week Discussion on the above subject.

2) Activist: To create awareness that it is possible.

3) Govt. officers/ Employees: To keep this in mind during working hours.

4) Teachers: To implement on self and to educate children on the distinctions of “Transformation and Success”.

5) One possible book is “you are a born winner”

6) Legislature: Laws and bills are consistent with the above goal.

7) Judiciary: To pass the order making it the Govts. duty to define and provide benefits and mindsets of a Developed Nation to its citizens.

8) Urban citizens: To have a committee in every society and have at least a monthly meeting on this subject.

9) Rural citizens: To have a committee in every panchayat and have a monthly meetings and suggestions are forwarded up.

10) Govt. Ministers/ Departments: To have at least 12 mega projects delivered every year to accomplish the above goal.

11) MLAs/ MPs: To see that the citizens suggestions are listened to and acted upon within the constitutional norms.

12) Entrepreneurs: To think big and achieve it in terms of turnover and profit.