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Corporate Transformation

One or all of the services are provided to transform the organization.

1. CEO Mentoring

The CEOs of any organization, State or Countries are very lonely in their thought. If they find someone with whom they can share their thought without being made wrong, they can take very effective decision. Also they can complete many pending relations and work, which can support them in creating and innovating. FTDPL has the pool of such mentors who can take on CEO mentoring.

” Each CEO is advised to fill up the Goal sheet as included, and they are trained to achieve this thru’ one to one sessions or thru’ T-MBA (”

Click here to Download Goal Sheet

2. Consultancy

The Consultancy is provided to support the company in accomplishing challenging goals. The consultancy is provided in following areas:

a. Strategy Consultancy

It is said that Strategy is the most important thing for an organization. One single mistake here can make or mar the future of the organization. Being the CEO mentor, Trainer and Recruiter, FTDPL has the hands on the pulse of the organization and the Circumstances. Thus the strategy formulated by the company is one of the best.

The chief and sr. management is encouraged to fill up the “Strategy Work out” and go thru’ the workshop called “T- Strategic Leadership”.

Click here to Download Strategy Workout
Click here to Download Workshop for Top Executives Details

b.Marketing Consultancy

Before recommending the Marketing plan the situations are tested thru’ following strategy

  • 40 ways of getting the Leads
  • 20 ways of boosting conversion rates.
  • 14 ways of boosting the size of customer Transaction.
  • 21 ways to boost Profit Margin
  • 15 ways of increasing the frequency of purchase
  • 11 ways to increase the Customers’ loyalty.
  • 12 ways to get more referrals.

We guide the organisations to increase the market share thru’ “8 ways to win Market share” as propounded by Dr. Philip Kotler.

c. Financial Consultancy

The Company is authorized representative of following Capital Management Company.

  • Incredible Capital, New Delhi

d. Mines Management Consultancy

FTDPL has the pool of Mining, oil and Gas and Geological experts who can support any organizations, related to this industry.

e. IT consultancy: our associate company is our recommended and preferred consultancy organization.

f. OD consultancy: Organisation with more than 50 people and T.O of 20 cr. Plus needs our consultancy to keep themselves powerfully relevant and competitive for high growth. Our consultancy is based on Malcolm Baldridge model which rates the organization and recommends steps to achieve what they have set out in their vision, mission and values.

Click here to Download Malcam Baldrige Criteria Sheet

3. Recruitment

The clients are also provided the Recruitment services to suit their need. The purpose is that we being Trainers and consultants know the needs of the client the best. The Managing Director and share holders have great relations with the alumni of Indian school of Mines, Dhanbad, who are present worldwide and they can impact any organization in a positive manner.

4. Leadership Training

Power, Team Building and Leadership Skills
Duration: Two days intensive programme (10 AM to 6 PM)

Context: With the continuous changes in the Technology and Human behavioral Pattern, the need to fulfill the purpose of organization has some new challenges, which has never been seen before. These new challenges require reinvention in the executives of organizations thru’ correct intervention of Training and Development.

As the positional power, control regime and earlier methods of getting things done does not work, a new way of creating the awareness and the self responsibility becomes the must for any organization to accomplish their goal.

The above training Module deal with the current needs of the organization.

Program Outline

Understanding yourself and your organization
The changing nature of purpose and power in organization.
Recognizing your core competency and organization’s culture.
Understanding the Dimensions of personal power.
Putting wider organizational changes into your personal context.

Managing self
Understanding the difference between yourself and the image other people see.
The crucial first impression.
8 steps of self management.
Establishing effective personal contact.

Power and Influence
Understanding what inspires others.
Integrity as a source of Power and influence.
How to lead more effectively.
5 steps of People Management.

Communication to access the Power and create anything
Communication for accessing power.
Communications to create anything that u want.

Mastering Assertive Behaviour
Learning to be assertive and not submissive or aggressive.
Creating excitement anytime, anywhere.
Recognizing the emotional triggers used by others.
How to say ‘NO” without guilt.

How to succeed always?
Pathways of success.
Enhancing the Credibility.
Role of completion and appreciation.

Mastering Individual Transformation and Transition
Building a support network and Team.
Making it happen and Pushing ahead.
Taking Holistic view.
Essence of Living.

Key Features of the Programme
Highly Participative
Safe Environment
Personalized attention
Long lasting Impact
Holistic (Body, Mind and Soul)

5. Success management training

Success management training is imparted to the people who want to succeed always. This training is with a support of success management workbook authored by founder director Mr. Navin K. Choudhary.

You can also order for this workbook thru’ email.

6. Corporate Sales Training

The purpose of this training is to drive home the point that each and every human being is sales person. Each one of us is selling ideas, concepts, products or services from the day we take our birth till the end. And once we know the art of combining attitude, knowledge and skills, the success in getting whatever we want is very much achievable.

Attitude+ Knowledge+ Skills = Success

1) Attitudinal Transformation for Great sales person.

2) Knowledge
a) 14 Laws of Selling
b) Selling Strategy by Tom Peters
c) 4 Factors of Merchandising

3) Skills
a) Presentation Skills
b) Enrollment Skills
c) Closing Skills


Sales Consultancy

1. Real Estate consultancy

We have joined hands with Gopi Estate ( to promote some of the projects such as “ISM Village” and “Global Village” and “Ahilyanagari Phase I and II” which are the“strategic fit” with the company’s policy of being networked with quality people for the educational and developmental work.